The Prophecy

Family Ties

Welcome home.

Within the winding corridors and passageways of Vijaylommaxius’ enormous maze the party trudges on looking for answers, a way out, and with luck, the great copper dragon himself.

Dead ends being the least of their worries the adventurers survive countless deadly traps, battle fierce monsters, and slowly but surely make their way to the center of the maze. There they discover a large cage adorned with draconic symbols and keyholes on each of its four sides. The symbols read “4, 5, 6” and “7.” Within the cage they find a ferocious looking but curiously dormant minotaur with a large golden key hanging around its neck, on that key there is one final symbol, the symbol representing the number 8.

The party continues its beleaguered pace through the labyrinth, and with more than a few close calls finally recover the four keys they needed to release the brutish monster and get their hands on the final key, the key with the number 8 that presumably opens the massive arched doorway at the other end of the maze, the one with a matching 8, their way out.

The keys are inserted into their waiting keyholes, turned with a rhythmic click, and after a whirling of unseen gears and a crackle of magic the minotaur opens its eyes, bares its teeth, lets out a deafening roar. Hot, pungent breath erupts in a visible puff from its nose, it stomps its hooved feet into the stone floor beneath it, and charges with an indomitable fury. The creature lowers its head and before anyone can react Celdir takes the full brunt of the charge, gored with both of the monsters horns. Celdir’s eviscerated body is sent tumbling over the creatures back and lands on the ground behind it, where it remains, motionless. As physically powerful and intimidating as the creature was, it proved no match however to Sara’s magic and before it can wreak any more havoc she puts the beast into a deep magical slumber that North ensures it’ll never wake up from as he lights the Minotaur afire. With the final key in hand, and a recently healed, if not a bit shaken, Celdir in tow, the weary party finally approach the massive door with the big draconic “8” on it. With the key inserted the door slides open, and a gust of dusty air rushes out to greet the adventures. With trepidation they slowly approach the large eerily dark room they uncovered. North ignites a sun rod and to their astonishment the light reveals a wealth of treasure the likes of which they never could have imagined!

“This must be the dragon’s horde!” North says with excitement and enters the room only to be immediately lifted off his feet and sent sailing backwards into the maze landing prone on the ground as a powerful gust of wind rushes towards him. With a ground shaking crash something very, very large lands on the stone floor within the treasure room, and for a moment all is silent. Max peers into the waiting darkness and the colossal, copper encrusted head of Vijaylommaxius is trust into the maze, barely making it through without scraping against either side as it passes through the large archway!

His huge emerald green eyes sparkle with benevolent mischief as he stares directly at Max, and bellows in an impossibly deep, gruff voice,

HAHAHA I knew you’d come, welcome home Bryn Kane!




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