The Prophecy


Sometimes it's better to not to remember...

Sara’s prophetic dreams proved more of a curse than a blessing this morning, as she woke up in tears. A dream of a young Krimsyn Kane, impaling a beautiful women, and throwing her over a cliff, landing at the feet of a familiar face, a face hard to recognize however, warped in anguished rage. She pulled herself together, descended into Marina’s shop and found Maxius, the owner of that familiar face. After relaying the tragic dream to him, the party decided to seek out the great wyrm, Vijaylommaxius, looking for answers, and with luck, his assistance in their imminent confrontation with Lord Kane.

After tracking down Sparx, the self proclaimed red dragon disciple, working as a low level enforcer for the thieves guild within the docks, the party managed to procure some valuable information, the last known location of the elusive dragon, a place known as Everland, up in the Nether Mountains.

The adventures borrowed some horses from the city of Waterdeep, and began the arduous journey. Along the way, the group was accosted by an opportunistic bandit demanding a toll, but Celdir the monk, made it painfully clear that any attempt to collect would not go very well for him.

As the party continued, the closer they got to the mountains, the more frequently Max began to receive jarring flashes of memory, they we’re on the right track, and they were getting closer. Finally, after almost two days of travel, a familiar landmark appeared in the distance, a small cliff at the base of the mountains. Max was compelled to dismount, and approach this site, a place he had been before, but he did so with great trepidation. With each step closer to the cliff, his flashes of memory grew longer, and more detailed, and as the detail increased, so did the overpowering feelings of loss and despair.

He saw a women. A beautiful, blond haired women, being violently subdued by Krimsyn Kane, a Krimsyn who had yet to receive his viscous scar. Krimsyn’s face was racked with pain, a sadness that seemed matched only by the beautiful women whom he had held by her hair. With a tear streaked face she said simply “Please…” in an echoing whisper. Suddenly a crimson streaked katana blade burst from her chest, and as a single drop of blood fell from it’s tip on the grassy cliffs edge its crystal clear twin fell from Kane’s eye. Max, who was standing in the field below, opened his mouth wide and let out a ferocious, miserable, tormented bellow, and Krimsyn let her go, her limp body tumbling over the cliff and into the grass below, landing but a few feet from Max.

As these memories flooded him, the party watched in apprehension, gazing at their friend down on his knees, at the same cliff from his memories, with the same grassy plains, and gray overcast sky, the only difference being the wooden grave marker, on which Max’s hand rested, as overwhelming waves of grief came crashing down upon him. On that grave there was one word carved with exquisite care; Rinoah, and on that hand that rested on that grave there was a mark, the kind of mark that’s left when a ring you always wore is missing.

Eventually, they gathered their composure and continued their journey to the lair of Vijaylommaxius, they were very close now, Max knew, for he was home now.

They came upon a large, ornately carved stone archway, enormous doors blocking their path, which Max opened easily, he remembered how, and inside, they found outside. Tall, perfectly trimmed hedges walled them in as the stone archway closed, then promptly disappeared behind them.

“And so it begins.” Max chuckles to himself as they take their first steps into the great hedge maze of the noble copper dragon. Through endless twists and turns the party comes across massive locked doors, chests with keys, traps, monsters, and hopefully when all is said and done, a new and powerful ally, Vijaylommaxius himself.


I’m in a better mood after having read this. Let’s par tay.


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